Why Moonga Stone Is Always In Demand?

The Moonga stone is a stone which is always in demand because of its astrological significance. This stone is a stone of immense power and importance. Astrology says the Moonga stone gives a lot of advantages to the person who wears this stone with proper Vedic pooja procedure. The alignment of the planet with the stone gives it various powers. And all these energies that the stone has in connection with the universe will flow through you giving you all its benefits.

The Moonga stone is known as Red Coral gemstone all over the world. This stone has got its name from its color and formation as the stone have a solid red color and is made of marine creatures called Coral Polyps.

This stone is made over hundreds of years in the water bodies. And this stone is one of the Navratans. These Navratans are the nine stones which are the most potent ones. Here we have mentioned all the benefits that you will get by wearing the Moonga gemstone which are the reasons why this stone is always in demand.

Astrological Significance of the Moonga Gemstone

The Original moonga stone is a stone in association with the planet Mars. Mars is the ruling planet of the Red coral stone and so anyone who wears this gemstone will get the blessings of Mars.


Mars, the red planet is a planet that can cause many problems in your life if it is in a negative position in your Kundli or Birth chart. Mainly it will cause trouble in your marriage. Wearing an original Moonga stone will remove all the negative energies from around you.

Benefits of the Moonga Stone

An original Moonga gemstone protects the wearer from Negativity and brings positivity to your life. Know all the benefits of wearing a red coral stone here:

  • Your luck and prosperity will increase thanks to the energy of the stone.
  • A natural Red coral stone will draw success and abundance into your life.
  • The stone will aid you in your creative thinking skills and will make you more self-aware and open to new viewpoints.
  • Your senses and intuitive abilities will be enhanced by the gemstone’s energy flow. It will assist you in determining your best course of action as well. Your strengths will become more apparent to you because of the stone, and you’ll learn how to work them to your advantage.
  • Your cognitive abilities will also improve. This will improve your mental clarity and memory.
  • Additionally, you’ll feel more confident, which will help you be your best self.
  • The Moonga gemstone will boost your self-belief by reducing your self-doubts and confusion.
  • Furthermore, this gemstone will assist you in succeeding and achieving your aim.
  • One more benefit of red coral gemstone is that they can help you get over emotional traumas and develop a calm, collected mind. It will make you feel more at ease by lowering your levels of anxiety and despair.
  • You will be able to sleep better as your sleeping patterns improve.
  • The red coral gemstone also has spiritual advantages. The stone will help you on your spiritual journey, allow you to focus better when engaging in spiritual activity, and help you establish a connection with higher powers.

Healing Properties of the Moonga Stone

The Red Coral gemstone will give your health a boost and will keep your overall well-being better. Also, this gemstone with its energy flow will go through your body, and the intensity of the vibrations will heal your body. The stone will enhance your stamina and increase your energy levels. This will keep you active.

Furthermore, this gemstone will cure any problems related to the respiratory system. Indeed, it will help you heal the heart and related problems, maintaining its strength.

Any problems related to the skeleton and bones will also be treated.


The Red Coral gemstone is known the best to remove the Mangal Dosh. And will remove all the negativity from around you. All the positivity that will surround you will boost your life and make you make better decisions for yourself.

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